Lauzon Ranch puppies go to new homes at about 8 weeks of
age.  Our puppies are not available to large-scale breeders,
brokers, or to pet stores.  A puppy can be reserved by a $100
deposit at any time you select a puppy. Once the deposit is
paid, that puppy is marked sold and removed from
advertisements.  The puppy will be properly identified with a
special little collar unless his unique markings identify him.  
If you have picked a special name for your puppy, either a
"call name" or a registration name, that name would be used
with that puppy so that he is accustomed to it.   Also, at
that time, you would receive a draft of the puppy's sales
agreement / health guarantee,  identifying your puppy by his
photo and, if possible, by his registration number.  
To view a
sample agreement, click here .

When the balance and shipping fees have been paid and the
puppy is shipped, or transferred directly to the buyer, a  package
is attached to the puppy's crate or  accompanies the puppy at
transfer to the buyer.  
In this package are

  • your puppy's registration application,,
  • your puppy's vaccination and worming records
  • a sample of puppy food that your puppy has been eating,
  • your puppy's health guarantee

Within the local community, we accept payment by personal
check, money order, PayPal, credit card,  or cash.  If you live
outside the area and will have your puppy shipped, we prefer a
money order, cashier's check, credit card (over the telephone) or --
best of all -- PayPal.  

All our puppies are shipped in new crates that are comfortable
and well bedded.  Water, and food are available.  
We have
found that puppies travel well and are well cared for in flight.
Nearly all of our dogs arrived to us as puppies via air travel in
fine shape and very ready to bond. If you are receiving a puppy
by air,
please check on the pick-up location and time as these may
vary from one airport to another.

Usually puppies will not want to soil their crate, so it is advisable
to have some means of pottying the puppy after it arrives.  
Sometimes a potty pad in your vehicle is the only recourse.  If the
weather permits, I usually set up a portable exercise pen in a
green area of the airport.  Of course, we have a pretty small, not-
too-busy facility.  If you have a larger airport, you can head for
the nearest park that allows puppy pottying.  Please have clean-up
materials with you.  When traveling even a short distance with
puppies, I usually carry a kit that includes a couple potty pads,
small baggies, one or more plastic shopping bags, paper towels,  a
non-toxic, natural spray cleaner, and a small dish for water or
food.  Such a kit will make sure that every need is conveniently
and easily met.  

When the puppy gets home, he will be tired and hungry.  So, a
minimum or fuss and attention would be appropriate for the first
few hours.  Please use the food sample in any way you see fit.  If
you elect to use a different brand or type of food, it is advisable
to blend the sample with this food so that the puppy makes a
gradual change.  

There are a couple articles available here on
potty training  short
article   or  long article.

Here is also a link to an article by the Humane Society on the
correct way to
crate train your dog or puppy  crate training

If you would like further information on acquiring a puppy from
Lauzon Ranch or if you find that this article needs some
changing, please let me know
by email  
Thank you and happy puppy searching!
Susan Francis
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