Lauzon Ranch Kennel
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Well, there is news on the page! Sooner than planned, the time
has come to retire from raising puppies. So, we have to
dispose of our breeding dogs and our up-and coming
"teenagers". I have prepared an e-booklet with all information
on these wonderful friends, If anyone would like a copy of this
booklet, please email lauzonpuppies@gmail.com. There are 3
two-year old females, one two-year old male, 2 five-month old
females, and 1 six-month old male. All are home raised, well
socialized, happy, friendly darlings.

To download the e-booklet on these lovelies, click
MAX: born January 26, 2018
SMOKEY: born 9/18/2016
JOYFUL: born August 2, 2016
SARAH: born August 2, 2016
FLOWER: born January 8, 2017
FLURRY: born February 16, 2018
JASMINE: born February 26, 2018